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Fukadugalon: who and what: Steve

26 May 2005, at badgerhaus
(photo by N. Walls)
Steve Burnett

Provides: Chapman Stick, theremin, electric upright bass, loops.
(Steve's effects chain and gear)

Other current projects:
Phasmatodea - cinematic Chapman Stick duo
Subscape Annex - improvisational ambient looping
Laccoon - solo looping

Under development:
Lamprey - organic bass horn parasitism and symbiosis

Occasional work with:
Audio Arcade - free range music

Previous work with:
Seventeen Cobwebs for Emily (17CFE)
Total Information Awareness - ambient trance

Influences: Coil, Djam Karet, Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Bill Laswell, Tony Levin, Lightwave, Bill Nelson, Michael Nyman, Robert Rich, David Torn, John Zorn.