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Fukadugalon: improvisational noise

"Fukadugalon, (foo-ka-doo-gaah-laan), n.

1. The use of music to communicate via birds and insects with extraterrestrials.

2. The improvisational noise unit formed (for initial instantiation) by Will Connor (BAAMPHF!, Feraliminal Lycanthropizers), John Snead (Dreamscapes of the Perverse, BAAMPHF!, Center for Transgressive Behavior [CTB]), Steve Burnett (Subscape Annex, Phasmatodea), Adrian Likins (Phasmatodea), Anthony Staton (Soulpreacher, Subscape Annex).

3. BAAMPHF! + Subscape Annex + Phasmatodea in a garbage disposal chamber with the walls closing in.

"what he called ornithosemantics, the meaning of birdsound"
- John Fowles, _The Magus_, p.183 (revised edition) Geographic location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

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