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25 March 2000

Participating: James, Joe, Joel, Steve.

Thoughts and impressions from the seventeenth session of Seventeen Cobwebs for Emily:

Joe and Joel were at times both playing drum kits, which made for a nice cross-reinforcing of tempo. I was using (on all but the final track, on which Steve was persuaded to attempt a keyboard and treated it like my Stick) Chapman Stick, using the MIDI side through the GR-30 and the bass side through the Moogerfooger lowpass filter. Settings for the lowpass were amount 10, smooth, mix 10, cutoff 120-250, 2-pole, resonance 3. GR-30 patches used included alto sax, SH-101 bass (at least one other bass patch), kalimba, angklang (inspired by Joel having brought a real kalimba along), and tron flute.
James stayed on his primary keyboard (switching MIDI patches from time to time) except once when he came out to play with the Yamaha CS-60. Joe switched from drums to Joel's "foley station" of various soundmakers to guitar to keyboard, as did Joel (minus the guitar). Steve switched MIDI patches and/or Stick bass playing to reinforce, counterpoint, or pierce the sounds of the other three.
Overall, a very successful session.

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